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Aluminum Frame
Solar panel frame is fixed aluminum alloy frame applied in PV field.
It is used to fix and encapsulate solar modules,increase its intensity,and prolong its operating life. what's more, it is also convenienttotransport and install.
1.Excellentquality The complete quality control system is guaranteeing 100% measure up.
2.Enormous output We can make customized products with different specificationswith stable quality.
3.Excellent equipments We imported the equipments from Japan and German, and the precision of the fine molds can reach 0.02mm.

The process of the priduction and testing

Production folw chart

Testing Process
Inspect suppliers' production field→SIPOC→IQC→IPQC→FQC→OQC
Standard of Aluminum Frames
1.The definition of aluminum frame:Frame:Frame refers to aluminum alloy profile og photovoltaic solar cell panel.
2.Davin Solar energy new building material Co.,Ltd.lndustry Standard-Frames of Photovoltaic Solar Cell Panel:Q1320281 PDW012008(Remark:Highlights of this criteria)
(1) Extusion standard:This criteria is proved to be more applicable for supervising of solar module frames in the whole extrusion process than other relativecriteria in this industry,At then we can control the tolerance of the materials'twist.
(2) Process standard: Tolerance for machining in this ceiteria is more strict so as to ensure more accurate installation.:+ 0.5mm less than 2 meters. Besides,when processing many parts by anti-mold, we can ensure theaccuracy of size.
(3) Appearance standard :More detailed requirements of different observed sections of a luminum frame and also ruled condition of test as follows:

SurfaceA-frame surface in which solar cells absorb sun light
SurfaceB-beside surface A, which can be seen after solar cell panel installed
SurfaceC-frame faces except A and B

Observation Condition of Appearance Quality
1) Light
Light observation condition is natural light,which refers to sun light three hours after sunrise and three hours before sunset in sunny days,if light source isincandescent lamp,brightness is800±100LUX.
2) Observation Distance
Obesrvation distance of Surface A is 0.5m to 1.0m Observation distance of Surface B is 0.5m to 1.5m Observation distance of Surface C is 1m to 2m
3) Observation point
Observe in both directions of 90 degrees and 45 degrees with the surface.
4) inspectors The corrected vision was all over 1.2 in both eyes for inspectors.
Thestandard promotes the professional requirements of the aluminum profiles' appearance in the solar frame, while meeting the needs of the profiles'basis,processing and assembly, and ultimately receives a win-win situation with the customers and fully embodies the ISO14001 standard.
3.Processing Types
1) 45°Cutting
Specified length: Lmax=2000mm, Tolerance:I:±0.5mm II:±0.3mm III:±0.2mm perpendicularity: less than 0.2mm Capacity: 2.3k/10.5h(average).1f the length is less than1 m, the capacity can be reached 2.8k/10.5h.
2) 90°Cutting
Specified length: Lmax=2000mm, Tolerance:I:±0.5mm II:±0.3mm III:±0.2mm Perpendicularity: less than 0.2mm Capacity:8k/10.5h(average). If the length isless than 1m,the capacity can be readhed 10k/10.5h.
4.Installation Types
All various types of aluminum profiles connected by the corner and screw product with precision machining.
As to this series of processing standards, Davin has many years of professional experience in the control and management.

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